Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"it's time to repaint myself" (Ingrid Michaelson)

So things have been going slow. And by things I mean everything. Sales, making new stuff, effort, motivation - I blame college. So, "it's time to repaint myself" (Ingrid Michaelson). I am in the midst of making new things i.e. little bags/clutches (make up bag style - although you can use it for whatever you like). The bags will have awesome colored zippers and on natural neutral fabric - by natural I mean it has those little fibers and what nots in the fabric - and a small handle and some kind of custom design on it. AND (yes, there's more) I am rejuvenating my shipping packages. I just ordered some boxes and will be screen printing my logos on every side of them (hopefully I won't be burning myself with the iron again). The designs have been drawn up and I just need to receive the boxes and screen print them. That's it. And maybe a YouTube review (by someone else). We'll see how long it takes to get everything together so maybe review.

I have also been mentally planning on enhancing my etsy alchemy (custom items). I'll be posting somewhere somehow the options one may choose for a custom headband. Specifically, I'll be showing all the fabric colors, all the kinds of ribbons to choose from, and the different ways the bow can be folded [single bow, double bow, triple, gossip girl style (triple with v-cut tail ends)].

Picture previews of baggies and boxes coming soon!