Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have had my Etsy account for a little over a year now and I FINALLY bought something on it. It's not that I haven't wanted many items, (I have many saved as my favorites), I was just apprehensive about it. I'm not sure why. I'm usually an impulsive shopper, maybe the internet's accessibility has made me a smarter shopper. Although when items for sale on the internet have a deadline, then my impulses take over ...most of the time, depending on the price. Anyways, for this past year ish or so, I've been under the impression that "Feedback" on my Etsy shop site was only derived from my Etsy sales. WROOONG! Now that I've purchased something from another shop, and have received good feedback, it says "Feedback 2, 100%". All this time I've been looking at other people's feedback as a reflection of their sales. Gee whiskers!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A tent for you, a tent for me

   And by you, I mean my beloved dogs. Well I haven't actually bought product, but I do think it's very cool. A pet tent!
   Every time Matt, my boyfriend, and I would stroll down the outdoor recreation aisle at Target I would say the same thing on the lines of: "they should sell those for dogs!!!" Target displays mini versions of the tents they sell (which I think is super cute and would love to see a dog in it, all be it it'd be a tiny dog, but still a cool idea to me).
   I've seen them sparsely here and there amongst different stores. Here is one from I've also seen a pet tent at the IKEA website a while ago, it was green and orange camouflage.
   I guess people have had the same thoughts and made tents for dogs! Although I wouldn't leave my dog in his own tent out in the open wild where he may be subject to being a dinner to another animal, I would use it if that danger were not present. And if I spent more time on outdoor adventures. And if my dog were to be independent and didn't sleep with me.
   Miniature versions of things are so cute!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Leaves

During my lunch break at work I was just surfing the web when I came across this sweater. When I see certain things, an array of ideas flood my mind. In this case, a lovely sweater:
I love it and its two tone buttons. When I saw this sweater I pictured wearing it while walking down a long path lined with autumn trees, crisp cool air, and the sound of birds. And of course to go along with this sweater would be something like this:
All these items can be found at

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Framing My Heart

   I have been at my part-time-office-desk job for coming about a year now AND I have yet to decorate/personalize it. I'm not sure why it has taken me so long but I've just began to. Starting with...
   Awww isn't it cute?! It is a picture frame made out of acrylic (which feels quite durable). It's 4 x 4" is actually two pieces joined together magnetically (those two round things at the top and bottom of the heart) and all you do is pull them apart for easy picture insertion/removal. It's 3/4" thick (both pieces combined). They are at IKEA called FINLIR and are sold for $4.99 each (according to their website). Prices are subject to change from store to store though, which also isn't reflected in the IKEA website. A bit inconvenient, but all the more reason to go to IKEA. I don't know about you, but I love going there and looking at everything. And touching things. And sitting on their display couches. And generally testing all the things I like.
   I put four pictures of my pets inside. If you get these, I suggest making your pictures 2"W x 2.5"H. That is the biggest I was able to make my pictures while still fitting completely in the frame. The frame itself does lay sideways, as shown in the picture, unless if you want an upside-down heart, so I had to choose vertical pictures and make pictures vertical by cropping.
   I put my 2 frames in front of my computer monitor so that my dog and kitten stare at me all day when I'm working on my computer and I can see them all the time when I want to :o) I love it. It's the next best thing to bringing your pet to work! (My dogs are too crazy for that). else to decorate...