Thursday, October 7, 2010

A tent for you, a tent for me

   And by you, I mean my beloved dogs. Well I haven't actually bought product, but I do think it's very cool. A pet tent!
   Every time Matt, my boyfriend, and I would stroll down the outdoor recreation aisle at Target I would say the same thing on the lines of: "they should sell those for dogs!!!" Target displays mini versions of the tents they sell (which I think is super cute and would love to see a dog in it, all be it it'd be a tiny dog, but still a cool idea to me).
   I've seen them sparsely here and there amongst different stores. Here is one from I've also seen a pet tent at the IKEA website a while ago, it was green and orange camouflage.
   I guess people have had the same thoughts and made tents for dogs! Although I wouldn't leave my dog in his own tent out in the open wild where he may be subject to being a dinner to another animal, I would use it if that danger were not present. And if I spent more time on outdoor adventures. And if my dog were to be independent and didn't sleep with me.
   Miniature versions of things are so cute!

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