Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Looks familiar...

So I signed up a while ago to get google emails for sites that have the keyword "headband". And today I received one which was a style blog which posted about "Blair's Best Headband Looks". If you don't know who Blair is, she is a character on a tv show called Gossip Girl played by the actress Leighton Meester who wears a lot of headbands (not at one time of course). Quite a long sentence, feel too lazy to correct it. Moving on.

Here is Blair...

Her headband look familiar...

Either completely unintentional or subconsciously I remembered her wearing that headband in one of the episodes.

Monday, September 28, 2009

To Make or Not to Make?

Yesterday I spent my day eating ice cream. Just kidding. Only for lunch. Yesterday I was experimenting and I came up with a ruffled ribbon headband. I'm wondering if I should sell this one and make more to sell...

I just realized I tilted it the wrong way for the picture. Next time I will tilt it towards the ruffled-ness.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Deconstruction Reconstruction headbands headbands headbands

So, I have been making more headbands. Darker ones - or at least not so bright. In fact, here is a sneak peek of some I have completed so far. Sorry for the poor picture quality, it's late and I can't find a happy medium between flash and no flash.

Green, Purple, Black, Gray, Reptile skin pleather, & Halloween Editions: Black covered with large white tulle netting and orange covered in black large tulle netting.

Recently someone has asked me to make a headband, a Cinderella one for a child, and my headbands are 15" and I could have either cut and trimmed one of my plastic headband which seemed too difficult so I opted to go out and look for one. The second store I went to, The Gap, had exactly what I was looking for! Quite exciting. The only thing left was to take the Gap headband apart then make it one of my own. Here is a peek into my deconstruction:

Oh how cute it used to be:

College started today. Big stinky. Hopefully it won't be too difficult.

Well, I'm going to get back to headband making. Then sleeeeep.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Headbands and Surgery

So I made my ad but the right and left sides were cut off a bit when it was made into a stop-motion movie. Which is quite disappointing to find out when I'm done taking ALL of the pictures. I don't know if I'll release it due to this and the fact that I'm having trouble uploading my avi format video onto

My little Tucker, a four year old Jack Russell, had his cataract surgery today. His eyes have been quite watery but he seems almost back to normal. He is much tamer than usual but he still has the desire to play, which is very him. My etsy store's announcement states that all sales will go towards his surgery and they still will! Tucker's surgery debt. I got some donations but not a lot so I resorted to using my student loans to pay for it. I feel like I'll have this debt with me for a long time but hopefully I'll make some sales and the debt weight will get lighter.

I have been making more headbands since yesterday. I have been making some different ones. Some that don't include a plastic headband base. I finished today and now back to my satin covered headbands. My friend suggested darker colors and some without bows. How does that sound?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Movie Idea & Delicious Salad

No, not an actual movie but today, during work, I came up with an idea to make a stop-action movie for a banner ad. It will consist of a lot of drawing, erasing, a table, some paper, and a porcelain horse wearing paper wings (as long as it all goes according to plan). I drew out a mini storyboard on two pieces of paper with 100 one inch squares each consisting of each frame. I came up with 84 frame ideas so far - I may go up to 100 if I spontaneously come up with 16 more ideas. What happens is I take up to 100 pictures with my camera and I choose the beginning and ending pictures and it will make it into a movie with those pictures and the ones in between. All I will have to do after that is somehow convert it into a format in which I can post it somewhere. I fear that that is the part that will hold me up.

Here is a sneak peak at my storyboard:

Yes, that's a Smarties container. They beat M&Ms in the candy coated chocolate race.

After working, and drawing up my storyboard, my boyfriend, Matt, and I ate at Corner Bakery. YUM. I got my favorite salad, the chopped salad, and they gave me an extra container of their delicious salad dressing (which is NOT italian dressing). I obsess with food, meaning I find something I like then I constantly get it and consume it until I get sick of it. And the chopped salad was once my obsession so much so that I wanted to find out what their salad dressing ingredients are so I could make it and recreate their salad so that I didn't have to spend 5 something dollars on theirs (which isn't too much money, I know, but it added up quickly the amount of times I would get it). If you are curious, that dressing is manufactured by their company. So, no I can't buy it at the store. I ended up ordering the salad to go a lot and every time I called it in I would ask for extra salad dressing. My dressing piled up in my fridge and was later combined into two small masonry jars. I love that dressing.

Actually I did come up with a real movie/tv show title, "The Hedgehog Community". It would be about the  interactions and lives amongst a hedgehog community.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Caution: Burlap!

I made some non-disposable lunch bags yesterday out of burlap, to promote helping the environment and carrying snacks around all the time. Got supplies yesterday after work then worked on them late into the night and onto early morning until I finally finished. I really didn't expect them to take so long and I suppose they wouldn't have if I didn't care about quality, but I do! :o) They are a tan burlap with seam stitching in a few colors. I love how they came out. More details and sneak peek pictures to come.

Every time I type sneak peek I want to type "sneak peak" because of that sneak with its sneaky "a" sneaking into my "peek"
"SNEEEAKING?!" - Gollum
I love when cable tv plays all the Lord of the Rings. My weekend becomes nice and lazy full of long tv watching (watching tv for a long time not watching an elongated television).

Back to burlap.
That fabric is quite a pain if you cut the frayed edges and then burlap fuzz is produced and gets everywhere! And this invisible lint ended up sticking to the inside of my elbows and every time I bent my arms it was uncomfortable and scratchy. At least it wasn't itchy, that would've been the cherry on top (which is quite fitting because I hate cherries). So those of you working with burlap, beware!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Overwhelmed with Promoting

So, the first day of September is the day I first listed an item on Etsy. And it has yet to sell. I feel quite overwhelmed by all that I have to do to promote myself. Especially trying to remember all the things I have signed up for and updating those (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, ...). But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

I received my personalized items today from, but I'm wondering how useful the car magnet will be because I don't know how likely people will be able to memorize "". Maybe people will be curious enough to write it down and give my shop a look-see. The usefulness of the other items I got are also questionable, such as a pen and a stamp. But those things were free. I love free. The business cards are the important part. The quality of them aren't as great as I expected, then again they are my first business cards so I didn't know what to expect. But they are double-sided and I made custom images for both sides so all is good.

Not looking forward to going back to college :o/