Thursday, September 17, 2009

Caution: Burlap!

I made some non-disposable lunch bags yesterday out of burlap, to promote helping the environment and carrying snacks around all the time. Got supplies yesterday after work then worked on them late into the night and onto early morning until I finally finished. I really didn't expect them to take so long and I suppose they wouldn't have if I didn't care about quality, but I do! :o) They are a tan burlap with seam stitching in a few colors. I love how they came out. More details and sneak peek pictures to come.

Every time I type sneak peek I want to type "sneak peak" because of that sneak with its sneaky "a" sneaking into my "peek"
"SNEEEAKING?!" - Gollum
I love when cable tv plays all the Lord of the Rings. My weekend becomes nice and lazy full of long tv watching (watching tv for a long time not watching an elongated television).

Back to burlap.
That fabric is quite a pain if you cut the frayed edges and then burlap fuzz is produced and gets everywhere! And this invisible lint ended up sticking to the inside of my elbows and every time I bent my arms it was uncomfortable and scratchy. At least it wasn't itchy, that would've been the cherry on top (which is quite fitting because I hate cherries). So those of you working with burlap, beware!

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