Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Headbands and Surgery

So I made my ad but the right and left sides were cut off a bit when it was made into a stop-motion movie. Which is quite disappointing to find out when I'm done taking ALL of the pictures. I don't know if I'll release it due to this and the fact that I'm having trouble uploading my avi format video onto imagecabin.com.

My little Tucker, a four year old Jack Russell, had his cataract surgery today. His eyes have been quite watery but he seems almost back to normal. He is much tamer than usual but he still has the desire to play, which is very him. My etsy store's announcement states that all sales will go towards his surgery and they still will! Tucker's surgery debt. I got some donations but not a lot so I resorted to using my student loans to pay for it. I feel like I'll have this debt with me for a long time but hopefully I'll make some sales and the debt weight will get lighter.

I have been making more headbands since yesterday. I have been making some different ones. Some that don't include a plastic headband base. I finished today and now back to my satin covered headbands. My friend suggested darker colors and some without bows. How does that sound?

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