Friday, September 25, 2009

Deconstruction Reconstruction headbands headbands headbands

So, I have been making more headbands. Darker ones - or at least not so bright. In fact, here is a sneak peek of some I have completed so far. Sorry for the poor picture quality, it's late and I can't find a happy medium between flash and no flash.

Green, Purple, Black, Gray, Reptile skin pleather, & Halloween Editions: Black covered with large white tulle netting and orange covered in black large tulle netting.

Recently someone has asked me to make a headband, a Cinderella one for a child, and my headbands are 15" and I could have either cut and trimmed one of my plastic headband which seemed too difficult so I opted to go out and look for one. The second store I went to, The Gap, had exactly what I was looking for! Quite exciting. The only thing left was to take the Gap headband apart then make it one of my own. Here is a peek into my deconstruction:

Oh how cute it used to be:

College started today. Big stinky. Hopefully it won't be too difficult.

Well, I'm going to get back to headband making. Then sleeeeep.

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