Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello Fall

Hello again Fall. You are quite cold. I do not prefer that part of you but I do like your colors. Hopefully you will "slow the rain" for my birthday. Heheh so corny (Ingrid Michaelson reference ... I'm a big fan).

So, the holidays are coming up and their influences have affected me. (Hmmm does that make sense?). I have been screen printing on burlap for christmas items. More to come.

Over the last two weekends I have painted my bathroom green. Like a slightly dark avocado green. I didn't paint the wood trim because I think they look great together. I bought an antiquing kit today to antique the hardware. Next, I'd like to cover my bathroom floor in grass green bathroom rugs and get outdoor animal decorations (the ones people get for their gardens) but I'd like for them to look as life-like as possible. I moved to my current location last year and before I moved I came up with the idea of making my (future) bathroom have a forest theme. So far, my only decorations are a red lantern and two candles that look like logs of wood. Hmmm I need more inspiration. And when I say inspiration I mean money.

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