Sunday, February 7, 2010


HoneyHoney was sooo good! The show was in a room above The Stronghold retail store (that link will show you the building if you're interested). It was a big room with a little stage and a couple couches RIGHT in front of the stage. Matt and I snagged the couch seats and I got the best shot for recording with my flip. I held it and rested my hand on my umbrella so my videos are pretty stable. I recorded their whole set. I don't think I'm going to record again at future HoneyHoney shows because I feel like I was only half paying attention to the show due to trying to keep the camera's shot still. Matt and I met Ben Jaffe the guitarist after the show, he was nice. Matt spoke to him for a bit; I didn't know what to say (I would never really know what to say to music artists besides complementing them on their set and their music in general and how much I like them - although I'd probably end up sounding like a crazy fan). Anyways, here is one of my videos. It's a new song called "Ohio":

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