Saturday, September 19, 2009

Movie Idea & Delicious Salad

No, not an actual movie but today, during work, I came up with an idea to make a stop-action movie for a banner ad. It will consist of a lot of drawing, erasing, a table, some paper, and a porcelain horse wearing paper wings (as long as it all goes according to plan). I drew out a mini storyboard on two pieces of paper with 100 one inch squares each consisting of each frame. I came up with 84 frame ideas so far - I may go up to 100 if I spontaneously come up with 16 more ideas. What happens is I take up to 100 pictures with my camera and I choose the beginning and ending pictures and it will make it into a movie with those pictures and the ones in between. All I will have to do after that is somehow convert it into a format in which I can post it somewhere. I fear that that is the part that will hold me up.

Here is a sneak peak at my storyboard:

Yes, that's a Smarties container. They beat M&Ms in the candy coated chocolate race.

After working, and drawing up my storyboard, my boyfriend, Matt, and I ate at Corner Bakery. YUM. I got my favorite salad, the chopped salad, and they gave me an extra container of their delicious salad dressing (which is NOT italian dressing). I obsess with food, meaning I find something I like then I constantly get it and consume it until I get sick of it. And the chopped salad was once my obsession so much so that I wanted to find out what their salad dressing ingredients are so I could make it and recreate their salad so that I didn't have to spend 5 something dollars on theirs (which isn't too much money, I know, but it added up quickly the amount of times I would get it). If you are curious, that dressing is manufactured by their company. So, no I can't buy it at the store. I ended up ordering the salad to go a lot and every time I called it in I would ask for extra salad dressing. My dressing piled up in my fridge and was later combined into two small masonry jars. I love that dressing.

Actually I did come up with a real movie/tv show title, "The Hedgehog Community". It would be about the  interactions and lives amongst a hedgehog community.

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  1. Your little bunny caught my eye! Your blog is adorable! I'm a proud bunny mom, so I had to see what your blog was all about!