Friday, November 12, 2010

I Love Disney

Whilst looking at, (a daily ritual of mine), I came across an ad on the site and clicked away. The site is which is based off a store in New York. Man do they have some cute stuff! They sell womens and mens clothing (mostly women) and accessories and stuff (similar to urban outfitters). There are many things I want from fredflare but when I saw Disney Couture jewelry I bought it almost right away (the price made me hesitate, but it was still a better deal than getting the same jewelry else where - this being based off a quick google search). Here is what I bought:

I love them.
   Top-left is a Dumbo carousel necklace. It features pink Swarovski crystals, two light blue glass beads half way up the chain, and a little Dumbo charm dangles at the end of the chain near the clasp.
   Top-right is a shark bracelet (Little Mermaid themed). It has a light blue Swarovski crsytal at each of the hinges, a little Flounder charm attached to the chain, and a small starfish charm as well which says Disney Couture on the back. The bracelet bends slightly at the hinges but not all the way, if you're wondering.
   Bottom-left is a Tinnkerbell egg ring. The egg sits atop a nest which holds two baroque pearls (slightly varying in color from one another) anda blue enamel half-cracked egg with a gold metal numb sticking out of it (I don't know what's up with that). The twiggy nest detail is carried on on the band.
   Bottom-right is a ring that I haven't bought, but plan to. Its a stump, obviously, with two Swarovski crystals as shown and on the other side of the stump is an engraving of a heart with words in it stating "Wish upon a star".
Sooo awesome!

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